RTMP Android Support Library 23.2 – Build Apps For Wider Range of Devices

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While RTMP Android Support Library (click here to learn more) 23.2 will accompany the shiny new day/night mode work, the two huge augmentations are really –

Help vector drawables for API higher than seven gadgets

Vivified vector drawables for API higher than eleven gadgets Vector drawables permit clients to update numerous png resources with an isolated vector drawable. AppCompat has gotten a progression of new capacities that help originators utilize vector drawables while in areas where the drawable id isn’t acknowledged (for example, XML documents). You can use ImageView with AppCompat to incorporate the app:srcCompat property to reference vector drawables.





Direct referring to vector drawables outside the app:srcCompat doesn’t zero in on RTMP Android forms more develop contrasted with Lollipop.

Day/Night Theme

There’s a fresh out of the box new AppCompat Day/Night subject in release 23.2 – Theme.AppCompat.DayNight. This particular topic empowers applications to consider dim and light-matter on API fourteen and more noteworthy items.

The default mode will be’ night.’ However, it might be abolished with strategies in AppCompatDelegate if the application of yours has area consent, at that point, as per the second and last known area, AppCompatDelegate.MODE_NIGHT_AUTO could be used to progress among night and day quickly. If you might want to customize some assets to appear as night mode, particularly, at that point, AppCompat reuses the night asset qualifier envelope to customize each purchase that will be required for RTMP SDKs on Android.

Style Support Library

Style Support Library instruments various examples of Material Design, which will assist engineers with adding base sheets to their application. By interfacing BottomSheetBehavior to a child perspective on CoordinatorLayout, you can immediately get legitimate touch discovery to change between 5 states streaming


Help v4: MediaBrowserServiceCompat

Help v4 library is the establishment for virtually all the help libraries and has backported numerous system alternatives dispatched with new forms. The MediaBrowserCompat and MediaBrowserServiceCompat offer the right choice for most current APIs to other API four and more prominent items. These backings sound playback on RTMP Android Audio just as media perusing on Android Wear.


RecyclerView gadget offers an adjustable and progressed base for delivering frameworks and prospect records while supporting the movement. This specific form has LayoutManager API: auto estimation and empowers RecyclerView to change to content size.

Custom Tabs for RTMP SDK for Android

Custom Tabs empower progress that is consistent with web content without irritating the UX of the application.

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