Performance Specifications

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All through the latest 40 years, a movement of misinterpretations with respect to mica capacitor applications has driven juvenile customers to dependably over-derate wound or moved mica/epoxy dielectric capacitors.

Mica, K2A13(Si04)3, an unusual aluminum silicate in dielectric structure, has been adequately used for quite a while as an irreplaceable piece of high-voltage (2-kVdc to 50-kVdc) capacitor creating, particularly in the 50-pF to 5-µF regard range. The mineral term “mica” insinuates a gathering of topographical constructions whose pearls show an overlaying type structure, which grants it to be doorknob capacitor isolated into petite sheets that are fundamentally strong, versatile, misleadingly dormant and direct. Mica has unrivaled physical and electrical properties interestingly with other capacitor dielectrics, especially artistic. Mica moreover is incredibly consistent. Capacitance will change just – 2% at – 54°C, and to +3% at +125°C. Mica is a wonderful defender, and is impenetrable to high temperature, warm shock, mechanical stagger and vibration.

The mined mica is cut off and arranged out to take out earth sogginess and any combustible materials. A cleaning cycle using a destructive follows the warmth out. The destructive is then executed and the mica is flushed with deionized water. At that point, a walloping association changes over the isolated mica into microplatelets, consistently in the 0.01-mm to 0.1-mm range. These platelets are then mixed in with de-ionized water to transform into a squash. The mica crush is changed over to a paperlike material using estimates like bond paper creating going in thickness from 0.018 mm to 0.05 mm (0.007 in. to 0.002 in.). Coming about in view of this cycle is a paperlike material that has no covers and is held together basically by Van der Waal’s forces.

The mica right now can be bent, in mix with capacitor-grade aluminum foil, and a short time later epoxy impregnated to end up being high faithful quality, reconstituted mica capacitors. An ordinary reconstituted mica capacitor is incorporated around 85% mica, 14% epoxy impregnant material and 1% capacitor-grade aluminum foil. These extents can change fairly in regards to capacitance reach and voltage capacity.

The dielectric stress, in volts per mil, for set up enduring quality applications is picked to be underneath the dc crown (fragmented delivery) destruction voltage at the standard working voltage for the unit. This sensation of uneasiness is in the locale of 1500 Vdc, with inception voltages in about 2000 Vdc for an especially made industry-standard capacitor. AC crown inception is about 700 Vac at 60 Hz, free of the dc rating of the device.

Right when crown is free on a relentless reason, the presence of the capacitor is radically lessened considering the by and large unprecedented annihilate ponders when appeared differently in relation to working inside the crown beginning cutoff points. Extrapolation of preliminary outcomes across the crown initiation/annihilation limits isn’t suitable.

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