Embedded Firmware Programming

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This isn’t generally a preferred position of introducing a custom ROM, yet rather it is related with the custom bit (a framework record which resembles a driver for the working framework) introduced with that ROM. Well at any rate, it permits a client to overclock or underclock their gadget. Overclock intends to run the CPU processor or GPU of the gadget at higher speed than the one planned by the maker.

This gives you better in any Xiaomi stock rom, I won’t suggest it as it can make harm the gadget. Underclocking is the inverse. It is the alteration of the framework to run at a lower speed at that point expected. It does furnishes you with longer battery life at the same time, in return for some presentation. You can likewise introduce custom bits.

Evacuation OF BLOATWARE:

While establishing empowers the client to eliminate bloatware applications introduced by the maker at the same time, still the client needs to pick which application they need to utilize and which they don’t and physically uninstall each and every one that they would prefer not to utilize.

While custom ROM designers eliminate these applications while they make these ROMs, they do exclude them in their working framework, hence the client just needs to introduce it and now his/her gadget is bloatware free.


Huge loads of custom mods accessible for a custom ROM pull in the clients to introduce an it on their gadget. These custom mods differ from being truly straightforward like expanding volume past as far as possible to enormous alteration of the custom ROM like the multi-window mod or the pie controls mod.


It empowers a client to encounter a wide scope of UI and pick the one that suits them best. Like the Sense UI for the HTC telephones which has been ported to various telephones empowering the clients to encounter a HTC telephone without purchasing a HTC telephone.

Client can likewise decide to introduce the stock android on their telephone which is quicker than the modified one introduced on telephones like Samsung or HTC.

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