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A Comprehensive Guide to Conducting a Social Media Audit

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Social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular for businesses as the number of social media users grows across all platforms. It’s now more convenient than ever before for you as a company to drive awareness for your brand through social media. As you do this, it’s crucial to regularly check on your brand’s performance on the platforms, which is where social media auditing comes in.

A media audit allows you to measure your brand’s performance on social media platforms and identify gaps that you need to work on to improve the outcome of your social media marketing campaigns. You must hire a reputable, professional, and experienced firm like NetbaseQuid to perform this audit for you to get accurate success-oriented insights.

Benefits of undertaking a professional social media audit

  • Allows you to maximize your conversions: – You will get to know exactly why your social media campaigns are not paying off as expected. This allows you to develop strategies on how to optimize your online activities, including your content. Therefore, you will reach more people, get greater engagement, and increase appointments and leads, to maximize your conversions.
  • Discover exceptional opportunities to generate leads: – Conducting a professional audit for your social media activities lest you discover exceptional opportunities to generate leads. You will also get additional ad strategies to explore.
  • Understand your competition and their strategies: – Business success is based upon outshining the competition.It allows you to know the competition and the strategies they utilize and also provides you with better strategies to outshine them.

What makes an excellent social media auditing firm?

Choosing the right firm to audit your social media activities is the difference between success and failure. Here is what makes an excellent audit firm.

  • Industry-leading qualifications: – An excellent audit firm has industry-leading qualifications, and this includes having qualified staff registered with the relevant professional bodies. In addition to this, the firm should be accredited. Before making the hire, make sure you ask for proof of accreditation.
  • Top-notch industry experience: – As a professional, you understand that despite professional qualifications, there is some critical expertise that can only be gained through experience. You should only consider hiring a social media audit firm with top-notch industry experience. You can ask for testimonials from previous clients. Keep in mind that hiring a highly experienced firm means that you will be getting more value.
  • Utilization of trailblazing technology: – An exceptional audit firm is one that utilizes trailblazing technology like Artificial Intelligence in data analytics to perform the audit. Using innovative technology means that the audit will adequately address your social media issues and drive the desired results.

How long does the process take? /The cost

The social media landscape is ever-evolving, and so are social media marketing strategies. It’s advisable that you do the audit every 12 to 18 months to sustain the best results. Each audit done by a professional firm will cost you between $2,000 and $10,000.

Why choose NetbaseQuid?

NetbaseQuid is an industry-leading social media analytics firm that meets all the criteria for an excellent social media audit firm. By choosing this firm for your audit, you can expect unmatched results given their vast experience and trailblazing technology.

This social media analytics firm prides itself on providing next-generation consumer and market intelligence. It has a reputation for delivering fast, reliable, and accurate consumer insights that have helped its previous clients unlock the full potential of their social media marketing and reach success. NetbaseQuid’s social media audit technology can track emerging issues and offer real-time insights to help your business avoid brand damage and get to the next level.

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