The replica bags 2018-2019 early spring vacation series was moved back to Paris

The replica bags 2018-2019 early spring vacation series was moved back to Paris by Lafayette and held in the Grand Palace. But this time the big show’s set is really a bit special, and I will take a look at the big show scene with Miss YOKA!

This time, Lafayette directly drove a replica bags ship into the Grand Palace to help the early spring big show. “La Pausa” is parked here. It has a magnificent main beam and two upper decks, waiting for passengers to board the ship and then anchoring to the Mediterranean Sea.

—–Show star—–

No.1 Ouyang Nana

In the show, Miss YOKA sister also met Ouyang Nana, Ouyang Nana today’s maomaobi

Ouyang Nana wore a 2018 “Paris-Hamburg” high-end handicraft series leather jacket and skirt, wearing replica bags fine jewelry Coco Crush series earrings, necklaces and rings debut in the 2018/19 Paris early spring holiday series conference.

No.2 Liu Shishi

Liu Shishi wore a 2018 “Paris-Hamburg” high-end handmade workshop series sailor collar tweed jacket and skirt, wearing replica bags fine jewelry Coco Crush series earrings, bracelets and rings appeared in the 2018/19 Paris early spring holiday series conference.

The replica bags Look, the same sailor suit, fits well with the big show’s on-premise set and show theme.

replica bags is really a temperament beauty to wear a high-end fan! At the same time, Liu Shishi’s handbag is also very interesting! Designed as the rudder of the ship.

No.3 Chen Weiwei

The high-end handicraft workshop series of sailor collar sweaters with wool wide-leg pants, wearing replica bags J12 watches and high-quality jewelry Coco Crush series earrings and rings appeared in the 2018/19 Paris early spring holiday series conference.

Chen Weijun’s silhouette sweater, Miss YOKA sister also personally tried to pass, very Oversize and wear it very stylish!

The handsome face also became the role of the male star in the replica bags show.

In addition, foreign helpers also have:

Lily-Rose Depp

Kristen Stewart

Margot Robbie

—–replica bags early spring vacation series have anything worth buying? —-

This hand-cuffed bucket bag has a color matching the color of the sea, as well as stars, bindings and other elements. Holding the concave shape in your hand should be very eye-catching!

The chic replica bags lifebuoy bag is also a highlight of this big show! It seems that rich women should rush to buy it!

Fang Fang’s handbag is small and chic, which is most suitable for this small bag era. The color of the white and blue color seems to be a replica of the French flag~

This chic and small hand bag, the tender pink believes that many of the show guests at the scene, have already wanted to pay the spot!

There are also black and white rhombic handbags, but also with chains, versatile small bags to ask who does not want?

The classic style CHANLE Le Boy has a new color scheme! White and blue color matching, this is the color of the sea waves!
Oh? There is also a red and white lifebuoy bag, Miss YOKA sister can not sit still see these bags!

In addition, there is such a small hand bag, which looks like it is covered by a mini lifebuoy. There is no problem in putting a mobile phone and a card inside!

—-replica bags style analysis—–

The atmosphere of the conference was relaxed and cheerful, and the models dressed in Mary Jane shoes or lace-up sneakers, large round sunglasses, tweed and cotton white tights and berets are about to start a comfortable and stylish trip. Like Gabriel replica bags.

Their styling reveals a holiday atmosphere: whether it’s short or long, it just reveals the skin and waistline, the color is bright white, the shade of the sun-filled wax and the eye-catching pink and blue. Sailing or shark teeth, waves and porthole prints are lively and interesting, and the sparkling sequins embroidered like the sun shining through the sun… all elements are greeted by the ocean.

The tweed dress has a narrow, ultra-short design that matches the lines of the tunic. The classic jacket is fitted with a button printed with La Pausa and turned into a double-breasted blazer, worn alone or with a white Jersey knit pleated skirt. A tweed mini skirt in a large jacket.

The suit has been re-interpreted, the jacket is a short version, like a short jacket, the skirt has a smooth line. Embellished in tweed or silk satin with shell sequins and flat pleats with a slim skirt or loose shorts. A tweed or cotton-poplin dress accentuates a high waistline with pleated or black leather detailing.

Unlike traditional cross-striped sailors, this season’s stripes are vertical, appearing in poplin shirts and skirts with porthole patterns, as well as pink and white shirts and trousers, and La Pausa as a badge. Logo pullover. Berets, round sunglasses, gorgeous wide bracelets, mitts, accessories, beaded belts and other accessories make the overall look more beautiful.

Pleated skirts, suits, suits, trousers, striped and short-sleeved knitwear, the style codes of the early spring vacation collection have been re-arranged and ingeniously detailed to make everything unusual. The shoulders are round and full of volume, and the hem is short to the extreme. Sequin embroidery blends with cork, fabric, pearlescent resin, tin can metal and other unexpected materials.

The precious resin material is also blended into this season’s dress and tweed clothing, and is decorated with blue, red, pink and white feathers, making the sling dress very ingenious. In addition, the material is soft in a color line. The suit is also used.